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111: Growing Your Audience Through Podcast Guesting with Jason Cercone

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Episode notes

Jason Cercone is a podcast consultant, podcast communications pro, chicken wing connoisseur, and all-around well-adjusted bon vivant making his residence in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Founder of Cercone Consulting, through which he helps brands and professionals leverage the authority-building power of podcasting. When he isn't glued to a mic or screen producing words to live by, you'll find him consuming a good beer, obsessing over his fantasy football lineups, and doing everything in his power to break 80 on the golf course.

In this episode, Jason shares why he decided to start helping people with their podcast guest pitches, the guide he’s created that will help you build a pitch producers can’t say no to, why you should absolutely avoid the “spray and pray” method when sending out pitches to be a guest on podcasts, whether or not it’s necessary to actually listen to a podcast before pitching yourself as a guest, why you shouldn’t be too focused on pitching only to shows with large followings, how podcast guesting can help the SEO of your business, what the process looks like for someone who utilizes his podcast guest pitching services, the thing he does when it comes to podcast guest appearances that almost no one else does even though they should, the one thing he wants people to tweak about their pitches immediately, and more.


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