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Star Wars Rebels Reviewed, Season 4: Thrawn’s Fate, Ahsoka Lives, The Saddest Death, The Darksaber & Sabine’s Mandalorian History, Lothal’s Last Stand, Saw Gerrera, Palpatine And More!

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Episode notes

Our trio of rebels have finished Star Wars: Rebels, so give you their thoughts on the finale; season 4 – which will heavily connect to the upcoming Ahsoka series, showing more of Thrawn in canon, Ahsoka’s dramatic return, more of Sabine’s Mandalorian history, the long-awaited “Jedi Night” and more!

For more detail; in this episode they discuss how the finale season is different from the others, as well as detailing their thoughts on each of the main character’s arcs, what happens to Ezra, Kanan and Thrawn, Mandalorian history, Clone Wars connections, Palpatine, Saw Gerrera, the World Between Worlds, more connections to Andor and more!

This episode is a sequel to the third season of Rebels and the trio’s third RR episode, so make sure you go back and listen to that if you haven’t already!

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