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Star Wars Clone Wars Conversations Season 2 Part 1 (E1-11): Returning To Geonosis, Dark Side Use, Mind Control, The Deserter & General Grievous

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Clone Wars Conversations continues with the first half of Season 2 (Episodes 1-11)! The trio have delved into the Clone Wars movie and full first season so now they’re talking their time with specific episodes – the perfect Clone Wars companion podcast continues!

In more detail, they talk about the strange timeline of seasons 1, 2 & 3, the connections to the movie & season 1, Cad Bane as a villain and then the 5-episode-arc of the Return To Geonosis, before speaking about the last three one-off episodes, including The Deserter! As well as plenty of Clone-talks, our trio discuss each episode & arc in-depth while talking about the many character journeys, new characters and “background” characters that get a lot more screentime in the Clone Wars!

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