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Star Wars Visions Series Discussion: Kyber Crystals, Eastern Cultures, Various Opinions & Nine Episodes With JACS Musings, Mike Burton, Megan Gritti & Ria Carrogan

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Four Star Wars fans discuss the 9-part anime anthology series set broadly around the Star Wars universe: Visions! JAC, Ria, Mike & Megan all have their own views on anime and on Star Wars; this episode brings forth a great many opinions & perspectives so be prepared!

In a bit more detail, the group discuss their first impressions of the trailer & announcement of Visions before delving into the 9 episodes in release order; The Duel, Tatooine Rhapsody, The Twins, The Village Bride, The Ninth Jedi, TO-B1, The Elder, Lop & Ochô and Akakiri – themes, characters, comparisons, voice-acting, animation and all other aspects are discussed including how each episode could fit into the canon (to confirm, none are canon, but some *could* be), so strap-in for a look into the more experimental side of Star Wars content, and to answer the question; is this the SW content we’re looking for?

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