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Comics In Motion 1000: 6 Years Of Comic-Related Podcasts, With Listener Questions! With Chris & Dave, Max Byrne, Mike Burton & Tony Farina!

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6 years (to the day) since the first ever episode of Comics In Motion was released, we’re now on our 1000th episode! Now with a variety of different creators & shows, the “podfathers” Chris & Dave look back on their podcasting journey, joined by the first 3 who joined the Comics In Motion Family; Max Byrne, Mike Burton & Tony Farina!

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In this extra-long special, our five creators answer questions submitted by other members of the Comics In Motion family; some are content-related, some are introspective, and some are just downright silly! Whether you’re a new listener or a veteran of CiM, sit back and enjoy over 2 hours of joyous discussion that all started on a simple review of 1978’s Superman!

Shout-out to all members of the Comics In Motion Extended Family; The Femme On Collective, Spider-Dan & The Secret Bores, The 20th Century Geek, Stories Out Of Time & Space, Back To The Filmography, Era of Geek, Dummies Guide To Geekdom, The VHS Strikes Back, Genuine Chit-Chat, Chris & Dave’s Reality TV Cast, Angry Andy Reviews, Marvel Plus, Where I’m From, Detective Comments and The Fantastic Universes Podcast!

Non-CiM Family Podcast recommendations:

Tony’s mentioned the Cover To Credits podcast and his Ukelele COVID song;

Max mentioned the Cannon Canon and Under The Kosh podcasts.

Mike mentioned the Toni & Ryan podcast and has also been listening to the Three Bean Salad Pod.

Dave mentioned the Behind The Bastards and The Trawl podcasts.

Chris mentioned Talk Of The Devils, Fighter & The Kid, IGN, Kinda Funny Games and Vegas Revealed podcasts.

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