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Tales Of The Jedi: A Review of Ahsoka & Dooku’s Animated Shorts, With Dave Horrocks & Mike Burton

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DOOKU LEAVES THE JEDI ORDER AND AN OVERVIEW OF AHSOKA’S LIFE! This week brings a special discussion episode where Mike Burton & Dave Horrocks talk about the (first 6 episodes of the) latest animated release of Star Wars; Tales Of The Jedi! These essentially serve as special episodes of The Clone Wars, each featuring key moments of Dooku & Ahsoka’s lives – listen to this duo discuss the characters in general, their relationship with Clone Wars and Rebels, how important they feel these are to the wider canon and more!

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In the last episode of SWCIC, Mike delved into the final piece of High Republic content for Phase 1 - Starlight Stories; 5 short stories based on non-Jedi characters on Starlight Beacon between Light Of The Jedi and The Fallen Star. Mike gives a brief overview of the High Republic & its first phase, delves into the stories themselves where Go Together by Charles Soule which serves as a prologue and epilogue to Light Of The Jedi, while First Duty & Past Mistakes by Cavan Scott and Hidden Danger & Shadows Remain by Justina Ireland centre around Velko Jahen & Ghal Tarpfen; two security officers of Starlight Beacon as the looming threat of the Nihil unfolds…

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