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Welcome X-Amining X-Men 97’ your mutant masticators Spider-Dan & Max are here to re-live their misspent youth watching X-Men on Saturday mornings. They try and get us all caught up as they talk about their memories of the show, how it caught their imagination, their favourite episodes. Graduation Day & what we can expect from X-Men 97’ as Mutant Liberation begins… Here you can listen to The Podfather Dave himself interview Lenore Zann, Rogue herself! From a few years back… Why not buy the original show runners & creative consultants on X-Men 97’ Eric & Julie Lewald’s books on bringing the series to television… X-Men: The Art and Making of the Animated Series Previously on X-Men: The Making of an Animated Series Max covered some X-Men comics on Mandatory Marvel & DC… X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills W/ Tony Farina Spotify for Podcasters › podMandatory Marvel & DC Ep3: X-Men - God Loves, Man Kills Review by Comics In ... Wolverine Limited Series W/ IAmJACSMusings Spotify for Podcasters › podMandatory Marvel & DC Ep17: Wolverine Review by Comics In Motion Then over on #PrattleWorld if you want to hear some more X-Men related content you can listen to Dan’s… Top 5 Sentinels Comics Top 5 Underrated X-Men Characters Part 1 & 2

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