Ouch: Disability Talk

Being gay and autistic at Eurovision

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Episode notes

When he was a child, Australian singer Sheldon Riley was diagnosed with autism and says he was never expected to talk. But next week he’ll be competing in the Eurovision song contest. He tells Nikki about the challenges he faced growing up and how he deals with performing at large noisy events. Nikki also chats to life coach Mary Doyle after figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed disabled employees are paid, on average, 13.8% less than their non-disabled peers. And actor Ruth Madeley talks about her latest film project with Rebel Wilson, why every film set should have an accessibility co-ordinator and the best writing advice she got from legendary screenwriter Russell T Davies. With Nikki Fox and Emma Tracey This week's Access All was made by Beth Rose and Keiligh Baker. The technical producer was Dave O'Neill. The editors were Damon Rose and Jonathan Aspinwall.