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Show Me The Way To Be More Green with Lucy Johnson

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Lucy Johnson is the CEO and founder of Green Salon, a company that helps people stick to their good intentions for good. She combines psychology and sustainability to make our lives and the planet better.

And the good news is that by doing it, we feel good about ourselves! New research from the household cleaning brand Ecover reveals that 66% of those surveyed find that taking measures to reduce their impact on the environment puts them in a good mood but 52% feel guilty about the amount of single-use plastic they’re using.

Lucy explains that if we believe sustainability is about sacrifice, we’re much less likely to embrace any kind of alteration in our lifestyles but celebration and compassion both tap into the reward centres of our brain. So it's important that we celebrate small changes and forgive the lapses.

Here are the Top 10 environmentally-conscious activities that put us Brits in a good mood: 1.    Taking a reusable bag shopping 53% 2.    Turning lights off when not in use 52% 3.    Reusing food leftovers 45% 4.    Washing out plastic containers and recycling them 45% 5.    Turning things off at the socket when not in use 40% 6.    Using a reusable water bottle 39% 7.    Turning down the heating/using the heating less often 38% 8.    Washing out packaging/ plastic bottles to reuse them 37% 9.    Cycling or walking instead of driving somewhere 37% 10.  Washing clothes at 30 degrees 34%

*Research conducted by One Poll with 2,000 UK adults, 25-28 January 2022

You can find out more about Lucy's work here: Green Salon websiteGreen Salon Directory  Green Salon on Instagram

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