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Charles Leclerc: 2nd isn’t enough

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Episode notes

A dream start. A disappointing finish. 2022 was Charles Leclerc’s best F1 season so far. But for him and for Ferrari, only the World Championship is enough. Now, a fresh challenge. Ahead of a new campaign, Charles says he’s the best he’s ever been – determined to take the trophy for himself. In the first new episode of 2023, Charles tells Tom Clarkson why missing out on the title in 2022 has made him the best he’s ever been. He reveals the soul-searching and changes at Ferrari since last season, and explains why new Team Principal Fred Vassuer is the right person to lead the famous red team to success. Plus, how going ice climbing, learning to fly and playing the piano helps Charles escape from the constant pressure of F1. The piano Tom brought to the interview isn’t very good, but Charles’ playing certainly is…

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