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Lando Norris: working on winning

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He’s an F1 star, and he’s still getting brighter. Lando Norris is on a mission with McLaren, determined to deliver trophies and titles. He’s twice come agonisingly close to his first F1 victory. That is just fuel for his fire. Lando opens up to Tom Clarkson about the races he feels he should have already won, his moments of self-doubt, his ambitions, his attitude to life and work, and how he’s seen by the public and his fans. Lando reveals he sometimes dwells on past frustrations, but his focus is fixed on future glory. He’s honest and illuminating about things he and his team can improve. One day soon, he says, ‘there won’t be any excuses’. Working on winning will ‘make things sweeter… a much cooler story’. As you’ll hear, the hard work has already begun…

Have a listen to Lando’s first F1 Beyond The Grid appearance in March 2020

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