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S15, Ep12 How To Fail: Justin Basini, the Clearscore CEO on business failure, body image and friendship

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Episode notes

TW: discussion around suicide

For my season finale, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to interview one of the most amazing people I know. Conveniently, that person is also my husband, Justin Basini, so it was pretty easy to co-ordinate diaries. As well as being my husband (arguably his most important qualification) Justin is also a highly successful entrepreneur and CEO. In 2015, he founded Clearscore, an app which provides free credit scores and reports, along with advice to help consumers make better financial decisions. It has now grown to over 18 million users, 460 employees and several international offices and is one the UK's leading fintech companies.
Justin joins me to talk about his first major business failure leading to a serious breakdown in his mental health and how he got through that. We also talk about his self-perceived failures in friendship. And in one of the most honest and eye-opening chats we have ever had, we discuss his negative body image - not a thing that you often hear men discussing, and I'm so grateful to Justin for being so honest as I know it will help countless people.
Along the way, we talk about how we met (thanks, Hinge), how I massively embarrassed myself on our first meeting, the joy of second marriages and the Justin Basini Funnel Theory on Dating (TM).
I hope you enjoy listening to this one. It was a very special episode to me personally but I truly believe it's a very special episode full stop.


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