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Casual Tuesday: A First-Gen Entrepreneur's Journey, The Growing Trend of Pickleball, and Google's Medical AI Innovation

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Episode notes

You think you've got grit? Wait till you hear Andrew's journey of blazing the entrepreneurial trail as a first-gen business founder in our latest episode. Offering a fresh perspective on the challenges and victories that come with being the pioneer in your family to venture into the world of business. 

Speaking of firsts, we have an exciting discussion about RJ's newfound obsession - pickleball. This trending sport has more to it than meets the eye, with opportunities for financial growth and even collectors' items like the coveted Ben Johns rookie card.

But what's a game without injury risks? Especially when majority of the players are over 60. As we delve into the world of pickleball, we also touch upon the importance of using quality equipment to prevent injuries. Moving from sports to tech, we explore Google's latest innovation, Med Palm. This AI tool is not just a product of technological advancement, but a potential game-changer in bringing medical expertise to remote corners of the world. And let's not forget about its ability to flag potential treatment issues, raising a new wave of data-led healthcare.

We wrap up with a reflection on the lessons we've gleaned from our entrepreneurial journey: a series of 52 theses that has shaped our company's growth. From Ohio to the wider world, the advice we've received has been instrumental in our expansion. We hope our experiences inspire you just as much as they've empowered us. So tune in, as we continue this riveting conversation in our next episode. Prepare to be enlightened, entertained, and inspired.

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