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After losing the sight in her right eye at age 11 and losing her eyesight entirely at age 17, Lucy Edwards lives in a world not constructed for her. Lucy has the very rare genetic condition incontinentia pigmenti, one that only about 1,200 people have in the world, and 97% of those people, are women. At the time, and as a teenager, whilst having the utmost support from her nearest and dearest, Lucy struggled, and her mental health took a hit. Now, at 26 years old, and as a presenter, producer and content creator, Lucy has dedicated her social media and TikTok channel to educating her followers on her day to day, and in 2021, Lucy was announced as Pantene’s newest Ambassador, for a product line featuring trailblazing technology making packaging accessible for the blind and visually impaired. Lucy and Katie discuss the strength of the mind, societal pressures and obviously, their current haircare routine!

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