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Fatima Timbo is Extraordinary!

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Episode notes

Fatima Timbo is a comedian, model and content creator, making waves in the industry about the treatment of people with disabilities. Fatima has achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism that has restricted her growth, and she has had her fair share of negativity from others over her 24 years and which she still gets today. 

In Fatima’s words, she now has an “invisible shield” and has found comedy and modelling to be some of her favourite things to do. She has been part of BBC Three’s “Laugh Lessons”, where some of the best new comedians on the scene tell their story through sketches about their modern life, and more recently you may have seen her on Celebrity Gogglebox as part of Channel 4’s Black to Front Project, part of the channel’s commitment to improve black representation. 

Fatima is passionate, funny and here to make a change and the pair talk about Fatima’s life growing up, changing how you feel inside and how we all have something to offer the world. An extraordinary person indeed!

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