Girls On Film / Disney, diversity and the evolution of the princess + reviews of Cruella and A Quiet Place Part II

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Anna takes a deep dive into Disney’s recent projects, exploring how far they’ve come in terms of female representation and diversity. Critic Larushka Ivan-Zadeh feels right at home discussing all things Disney and Pixar. She tracks the evolution of Disney princesses and celebrates the multiple complex female characters of Raya and the Last Dragon. From warriors to wretches, the discussion turns to Cruella. Anna and Larushka share their thoughts on the new villainous origin story, the female rivalry at the centre of the film, and the brilliant performances from Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, and a cast of canines! Larushka also gives a review of the new horror film A Quiet Place Part II. Next up, screenwriters Adele Lim and Osnat Shurer explain what it means to them to create Disney’s first Southeast Asian warrior-princess. They talk about developing the movie with positive gender representation in mind, including the decision to have multiple leading female characters. They also pinpoint why representation behind the scenes is so important to onscreen diversity. Finally, the Director of Disney’s new Launchpad initiative, Mahin Ibrahim, joins Anna to offer an exclusive insight into how this new programme is aiming to bring to light underrepresented stories. American listeners stay tuned for some exciting opportunities! Other TV & Movie mentions: Snow White, Enola Holmes, Wonder Woman 1984, Frozen, Fleabag, Beauty and the Beast. Become a patron of Girls on Film on Patreon here: Follow us on socials: Watch Girls On Film on the BFI’s YouTube channel:…L89QKZsN5Tgr3vn7z Girls On Film is an HLA production. Executive producer: Hedda Archbold. Audio Producer: Emma Butt. Principal Partner: Peter Brewer. Assistant Producer and Social Media Manager: Heather Dempsey. Assistant Producer: Elliana Jay.