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Episode notes

Jody B is the host of Po Boys Podcast. So, whether it’s music, movies, mainstream or independent film, comics or video games, Po Boys provide you with weekly diet of pop culture with The Heavyweight Chumps!

What happens when Mississippi and Arkansas podcasters come together for an episode? Well, when The Chumps and Po Boys Podcast host Jodie B get together, they discuss wrestling, football and our first sponsorship!

As Jody B says “I love talking to interesting people so now I meet strangers from the internet and have fun conversations”.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:56] Introduction about Jody B.

● [05:22] Funny story about Crypto?

● [07:30] Inside on Jody B podcast?

● [10:58] Russia Ukraine Conflict?

● [23:05] Ambitions for the year 2022 and how Russia invaded Ukraine?

● [30:50] Is Russia Ukraine war is the reason for inflation?

● [34:21] Sign Language?

● [46:25] Discussion about different types of drink?

● [51:13] Do you think people who collect a bunch of animals, are breeding them?

● [54:01] Would you ever sign a Pre-Nup?

● [55:36] What conspiracy theory do you want to be real?

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