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Episode notes

Nick Saponaro is co-founder and lead developer of The Divi Project, a blockchain startup committed to solving the usability problems in cryptocurrency. Nick oversees the development of Divi’s unique Proof of Stake blockchain, which launched in September 2018 with a user-friendly Smart Wallet and MOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer). Divi’s proprietary technology makes it easy to earn, store, and transact cryptocurrency.

A crypto investor since 2013, Nick’s programming expertise spans across multiple blockchain frameworks, such as Ethereum, HyperLedger and PIVX. Through his technical and financial experience in the space, Nick has become keenly aware of the gap that separates laymen and cryptocurrency. He and his co-founders aim to bridge this gap by providing educational resources and UX-focused technology.

Nick Saponaro is an entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, and keynote speaker who is regularly featured in the media talking about crypto-related issues. Media appearances include Cheddar, CNBC, Quartz,,, and Coin Telegraph.

A dedicated proponent of the founding principles of the crypto movement as set out by its originator Satoshi Nakamoto, he is working towards the delivery of a new paradigm for financial services. One that is truly decentralized, accessible to all, and works for everyone.

Outline of the Episode:

● [02:02] Introduction about Nick Saponaro.

● [03:22] How does the CryptoCurrency core function work?

● [06:08] Prove of Stake vs Prove of work?

● [10:37] Ethereum?

● [13:56] and Cryptocurrency?

● [15:56] Decentralization of crypto?

● [18:54] Fear of regulation for new people?

● [20:02] How do shorts normally work?

● [22:30] Bitcoin Story?

● [27:08] What risk you are looking for in a leadership role?

● [37:46] Community Management?

● [44:08] What is the space b/w coins and tokens?

● [38:50] What do you do to blow off steam?

● [45:13] How does Fortnite blend into Videogames echo system?

● [49:49] Do you ever have a prenuptial agreement?

● [54:56] What do you hate about a roommate if any?

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