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Top 5 Werewolf Movies W/ Dennis Whittle

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I know you lunatics have been howling for this one! Prepare your silver and Wolfsbane as Dennis is back to tell us his Top 5 #Werewolf Movies! We've delved deep into the dark woods to pull out some very rare but exceptional lupine specimens, you'll either #Lycan them or loathe them! Join us as we discuss sharply dressed werewolves, Metallica & a perky pair of Nepals...

#Wildling2018 #WerewolfOfLondon1935 #LegendOfTheWerewolf1975 #BadMoon1996 #AttackOfTheWerewolves2011 #Wolfen1981 #Cursed2005 #Howl2015 #Wer2013 #LatePhases2014 

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