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Shado: Song Of The Dragon

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Episode notes

Nothing but me & my #Shado this week in #YakuzaMonth, the first #PunyPod for a long while and this one is going to get dark. Join me as l delve into the grim and gritty world of #MikeGrell's #GreenArrow and meet Shado the morally dubious femme fatale and archer extraordinaire. Raised to be a killing machine by #TheYakuza themselves is she hero, villain or both? Join me as I discuss Giri, PTSD and questionable creative decisions... #PrepareForPrattle Be sure to check out Mike of Comics In Motion's various podcasts via this link https://linktr.ee/GenuineChitChat If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be briefed in full on the #SecretBores head over to #PrattleWorld https://www.spiderdanandthesecretbores.com/#