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"I've found a lot of positives from being on Twitter" - comedian and PR Vix Leyton on how her two careers work together in a digital age

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Episode notes

Freelance Pod is back with some comedy-focussed episodes! I've made a little entry into the comedy industry during lockdown, and the pod is following me into this wild new world... 

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Now, onto this episode... 

PR, comedian, comedy promoter and podcaster Vix Leyton is the guest on this episode. 

She's got brilliant advice from her own experience of working on two careers, PR by day and comedy by night. 

Listen out for the time that Vix refused to be turned down for a job, it's inspirational! Take a tip from her and ask for that pay rise! Make the request that scares you, because "no never kills anybody."

Vix hosts the Comedy Arcade podcast, which probably features your favourite comedian one at least one episode, taking part in the hilarious anecdote competition across three rounds. 

When we refer to "The Cavs," on this episode, we are talking about The Cavendish Arms pub in Stockwell, which runs the comedy night Comedy Virgins. You can find out more about the Cambridge Comedy Festival competition here, but unfortunately it's too late for any new entrants. 

You can see Vix's work-in-progress 'I Feel P(r)etty' at Brighton Fringe and The Cavendish Arms this summer, while you can catch a live recording of Comedy Arcade at the Camden Fringe. 


Here's where to find Suchandrika's fringe show 'I Miss Amy Winehouse':


Camden: 3rd-7th August at the Etcetera Theatre, ticket link TBC

On each episode of Freelance Pod, creative guests tell host Suchandrika Chakrabarti how the internet has revolutionised their work.