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Alex Farrow on how stand-up comedy and teaching inform each other

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Episode notes

This episode is all about how to put together a live solo one-hour show and other comedy things as comedian, director and teacher Alex Farrow joins me on the podcast. 

Teaching is a performance and lot of former teachers find their way into comedy. Alex had to figure out how both teaching and comedy work over Zoom during lockdown, as he continued to work in both capacities.

Between writing and performing his newest Fringe hour, 'Philosophy Pig' and organising the Mind Oxford Gala through his main comedy home, Jericho Comedy in Oxford, Alex has amassed loads of great advice on how to get started in comedy, and how to write that all-important first show.

Plus, he knows why creatures like birds and bats can spread the flu and Covid, but don't get sick themselves. And he also knows that laughter helps us learn. You'll be a much more learned creature yourself, after listening to this episode... 

Alex's links

Twitter - @Alex_Farrow  Insta - @alexfarrowcomedy   - Alex has a new one-hour show, 'Philosophy Pig': find the details on his social media - You can book him to do a Bat Chat near you, which is an hilarious talk about bats in an outdoor space. - Alex can direct your show or coach your first comedy set; contact him via his website or social media


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