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Louis Theroux meets a genie and a maître d’ – now that’s a documentary we’d like to see. The filmmaker and author spends a weird weekend in the dream restaurant. Louis Theroux’s book ‘Gotta Get Theroux This’ is out now in paperback – buy it here Listen to Louis’s podcast, ‘Grounded with Louis Theroux’, on BBC Sounds, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts Follow Louis Theroux on Twitter @louistheroux and Instagram @officiallouistheroux Recorded and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive Productions. Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography and design) and Amy Browne (illustrations). Follow Off Menu on Twitter and Instagram: @offmenuofficial. And go to our website for a list of restaurants recommended on the show. Watch Ed and James's YouTube series 'Just Puddings'. Watch here.  

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