The Therapist's Cher

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Episode notes

Mental health doesn’t discriminate, it can and does impact anyone and everyone, and often the conversation isn’t pretty. Welcome to the stage... 'The Therapist's Cher'. Brendan and Matthew are taking it back to Bottoming basics for this episode, discussing the very heart of the podcast: their mental health journeys and experiences with therapy. It's a tough but necessary one as is a reflection of counselling itself.

They're not doing it alone though. They have drafted in support from experts: an assistant psychologist for the NHS (Will Tamblyn), Darren, the counselling coordinator for an LGBT+ charity (MindOut) and a private therapist (Jen Tomkinson). Picking their brains using feedback from listeners and questions from social media, Matthew and Brendan gain more insight into each route into therapy with the aim of showing clear options available to those interested in getting support.

**This episode comes with a content warning as there are conversations around suicide and sexual abuse which some listeners may find triggering or upsetting.

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