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A Master Class in Music Licensing For Startups with Michael Simon CEO of HFA Rumblefish

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Episode notes

Dive deep into music licensing on this week's episode with Michael Simon, CEO of the Harry Fox Agency and President of Rumblefish. Find out how HFA Rumblefish is paving the way to the future of music licensing while supporting publishers, record labels, rights holders, and more.  Learn the real life legend of Harry Fox, founder of the Harry Fox Agency. Discover how HFA, one the oldest music tech companies in the world, has continued to be the industry leader of music licensing since 1927. How can you make your future-facing music tech startup stronger by building in licensing from the beginning? Tune in as Michael and Dmitri play the Rights-Use Case Game exploring licensing scenarios from jukeboxes in the metaverse to computer chips in the brain all on this week's episode. 

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