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Star Series: Art + Logic and MRC Data

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Episode notes

In this week’s episode Dmitri Vietze dives into the latest music industry news and trends with 2021 Music Tectonics Conference Star Sponsors, Art + Logic and MRC Data. Art + Logic’s Andrew Sherbrooke, VP of Engineering, shares how the full-service, custom software development agency works with independent clients and Fortune 10 companies to design state-of-the-art hardware and software. Producer/composer Jeff Bova digs into a new partnership between Art + Logic and Ela (Electronic Light Array)! Then Paulina Pchelin and Brandon Jarrett share how MRC Data works with publishers, distributors, radio stations, talent agencies, and more to provide comprehensive data analytics, consumer insight research, and thought leadership across the entertainment industry. Find out how MRC Data is the engine behind the Billboard Charts. Get the latest music industry data and trends that emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic including the growing appetite for new music, demand for vinyl, growth of music listeners, and the shift to visual based musical experiences. What are Art + Logic and MRC Data most excited about for this year’s Music Tectonics Conference? Find out on this week’s episode.