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Curation and the Culture of Music with Dario Slavazza of Feed.FM

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Episode notes

In this week’s episode, Dario Slavazza, Head of Curation at Feed.FM, joins host Tristra Newyear Yeager to explore how music curation balances data, algorithms, and the human element to add just the right energy to workouts, spin classes, and more. Hear how Dario’s personal experience as musician and ethnomusicologist prepared him for his role as a music curator. Learn how data and music “mood boards'' help to curate music perfectly tailored to the experiences they accompany. Find out how the recent explosion of virtual fitness experiences has resulted in the need for playlists with the perfect balance of newness, familiarity, and replay-ability. Dario shares the secrets to beating streaming algorithms for true music discovery. How can the standardization of metadata empower artists and curators? Find out on this week’s episode. 

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