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Rhythm and Movement: The Science Behind Music Therapy with Dawn Rose

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Episode notes

In this episode, senior researcher, professional drummer, and martial artist, Dr. Dawn Rose shares the fascinating new ways psychologists are able to better understand the complex relationship between music and the brain. With state-of-the-art motion capture technology, researchers can see how our brains associate parts of the body with elements of music. Dr. Rose presents her incredible research on music therapy to mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson’s. By rebuilding the “temporal scaffolding” of the brain using musical and rhythmic cues, patients can regulate walking and other motor functions. As a trained therapist specializing in performance anxiety, Dr. Rose also discusses the importance of mental, physical, and emotional health for musicians. What led Dawn Rose, punk rock drummer, to neuroscience research and a PhD? What’s it like to write music as part of designing an experiment? How does music sound in our minds and how can we use our “inner jukebox” to optimize brain function? Find out on this week’s episode. 

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