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New Frontiers in Spatial Audio: Immersion Networks’ Creator Tools

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Episode notes

Why has digital audio been stuck in the mp3 era, while video formats get better, sharper, and faster? It’s time for a new generation of audio. In this week’s episode, Paul Hubert and Jim Rondinelli share how Immersion Networks is creating new ways for people to have deeper, more meaningful music listening experiences with their own hardware. Discover how the audio company is using ground-breaking research on sensory integration, psychoacoustics, and acoustic simulation to open the sound stage to infinite possibilities in spatial audio. Find out how the massive processing power of Immersion’s new creative tool mix³ allows the virtual sound space to become a “green screen” for creators to share their story. How does our perception of sound influence our listening experiences? How are companies like Immersion Networks looking toward the future and mitigating their environmental footprint? Find out on this week’s episode. 


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