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Episode notes

Jeff, Mikey, and Sean of Prime 8, joins Bill to answer questions, discuss their newest release, and to release a brand new video!

* Prime 8 last spoke with us on episode 601 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show.
* We talk about Deutschtown Music Festival from last weekend.
* We talked a little bit about The Big Break, Prime 8 came in second in season 2.
* They will be playing with Green Jelly on August 7, 2022.
* Are you doing any new writing?
* Where can people find Gods of the Anthropoids?
* Who is your Dave Grohl?
* What is the best pizza that you've had because you're a musician?
* What non-standard venue would you like to play at?
* If you could play with any musician in the history of the world, who would you pick?
* Find out where the name Prime 8 came from/means.
* If you were putting together a band from the local music scene to manage, who would you pick?
* You get a 30 second spot on network tv, what are you going to say to bring people to your next show?
* If you're standing at the crossroads waiting for the Devil, what are you there to sell your soul for?
* Where can the listeners get ahold of your music?

About Prime 8
Dave ☆ drums, Pete ☆ guitar, Alex ☆ guitar, Jeff ☆ keys, Mikey ☆ bass, Sean ☆ vocals: Pittsburgh’s premier metal band.
About the song, "Darkside Tommy"
Darkside Tommy was first of 3 songs that Sean & Ryan wrote together.

* Where to find them:


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