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Road Trip... Destination Woodside, CA - Grounding Ourselves During Difficulty

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Episode notes

The PATHPod gals hike up the peninsula to Woodside, CA and talk with Jeanne Rosner of SoulFoodSalon, a platform to share ideas, gain practical knowledge on healthy cooking, create confidence in living a healthy life and ensuring a future healthy planet. Jeanne hosts a salon event monthly featuring local chefs, health & wellness experts, and nutrition culinarians. The three of them talk about balance and what feeds the soul, along with approachable connections and how these are important elements of a thriving, healthy life. They also unpack an article from Jeanne’s newsletter, SOULFUL Insights titled Time For Reflection and how important it is to make space for looking within. Jeanne gives some great advice for starting or enhancing a journaling practice and how it can help deepen gratitude and provide some needed grounding during this particularly challenging time. To learn more about Jeanne Rosner and Soul Food Salon: or follow her on Instagram at soulfoodsalon Sign up for the next Salon with Shauna Shapiro, PhD on the Power of Mindfulness and Compassion: Check out Soul Food Salon’s partner organization Off Their Plate, a volunteer-run grassroots organization, which was founded in the midst of our current pandemic and delivers nutritious meals to frontline healthcare workers and food-insecure families, while also providing economic relief to COVID-impacted restaurant employees in cities across the US: