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90: 🇺🇳 Hillel Neuer: “The Saudis, the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt want MORE, not less Israel”

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Hillel Neuer is so often the lone voice talking truth to power at a United Nations seemingly on interminable mission creep as western countries surrender their resolve to dictatorships Diplomat and international lawyer, Hillel Neuer is the Executive Director of UN Watch, the human rights NGO based in Geneva. Since 2009, Hillel’s headed the annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, a renowned international gathering providing a global platform to courageous pro-democracy dissidents from around the world who put their lives on the line to demand fundamental freedoms in oppressive regimes. I was privileged to have been part of it when hosting and interviewing the session with Farida Khalaf, the Yazidi girl who escaped Isis. And as America loosens its grip in Geneva and China, once a diplomatic backwater, now asserts itself at the UN, Hillel says the repurposing of the United States must start back home. But what future does the free world have and is Hillel optimistic or pessimistic with what he sees in Geneva. And who’s his favourite pop star?! All human life is here. Have a listen and enjoy Hillel Neuer! Jonny Gould’s Jewish State is supported by UK Toremet.