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Developing Velocity, Rehab & Injury Prevention with Pocket Radar's Tyler Scaturro

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Tyler Scaturro is the Brand Manager of Pocket Radar Inc., which designs, engineers and manufactures revolutionary speed tracking technology for a wide-range of applications.  After his collegiate baseball playing career ended at the JUCO and Div. II levels, he joined the Pocket Radar start-up team in 2012.  Having a background working for a family-owned restaurant business and playing sports all the way through college, helped him adapt to the fast-moving, juggling multiple hats start-up career.  Over his career with Pocket Radar, he has helped driven marketing and sales initiatives across all sports and traffic markets, at the professional and amateur levels.  As the influx of new technologies begin to percolate throughout the sporting world, Tyler believes the ones that focus heavily on the “who” and not the “what” will be at the forefront of providing innovative solutions.

Pocket Radar creates trusted, high value simple solutions using superior technology to enable people to rapidly achieve their goals by delivering meaningful metrics and actionable insights.  They provide an affordable and convenient solution to pro-performance radar technology, making accurate speed measurement accessible to the masses.  Their doppler radar technology has also been independently tested and certified accurate by the official test lab for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the same lab that certifies all of the radar guns for use by law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada.  It is currently being used at all levels of MLB organizations including players, coaches, trainers, scouting departments, rehab coordinators, player development personnel, videographers and more.

Their Smart Coach Radar model is the first pro-level speed radar that can be used stand-alone or with a free companion app.  The Smart Coach App System, with its unique ability to automatically capture videos with embedded velocities, allows you to continue to work remotely with your coaches or players and participate in recruiting/scouting activities. Not only is training with video analysis a powerful development tool, it is also a method of being seen remotely. The Smart Coach Radar System allows you to record videos with speeds directly embedded inside. Share these videos with coaches and scouts and post them to social media for extra recruiting visibility. As a premier provider of training tools, Pocket Radar is working with many top training programs, including Driveline Baseball with their TRAQ system, to help athletes train and develop at home.

Sammy and Tyler discuss:

Tyler's path from college baseball player to Pocket Radar's Product Manager 

Why some people call Pocket Radar the best kept secret in sports

There meeting last year at the ABCA convention and the release of Smart Coach and app

Best practices for capturing velocity and videos with Pocket Radar

What kind of impact teams and coaches have seen from using the Pocket Radar (this one might surprise you)

How kids can leverage the timing window for developing velocity.

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