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Episode notes

Love is in the air(waves) as Susie and Gyles get to the heart of the many different types of love in their special Valentine’s day episode on Something Rhymes with Purple. 

Susie and Gyles will explore what the cabbage has to do with reviving romance in Italy (hint: ‘cavoli riscaldiati’), how feeling a touch lusty in the spring has its own word, as well as a call out to the Purple People for a word that  describes the love you have for your pet. 

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Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Macrosmatic: Having a very good sense of smell.

Skirl: The sound a bagpipe produces.

Conjubilate: To celebrate together.

Gyles' poem this week was 'The Old Lover' by 'Jane McCulloch' and 'Valentine' by 'Wendy Cope'

'The Old Lover' by 'Jane McCulloch' 

Was I?

Did I?


Was it so?

Were we?

Like that?



'Valentine' by 'Wendy Cope'

“My heart has made its mind up

And I’m afraid it’s you.

Whatever you’ve got lined up,

My heart has made its mind up

And if you can’t be signed up

This year, next year will do.

My heart has made its mind up

And I’m afraid it’s you.”

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