Something Rhymes with Purple

San Fran’s Disco

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Episode notes

We are on the 4th leg of our North America road trip where we are visiting Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Susie and Gyles will take us to the meadows of Las Vegas and the snowy capped mountains of Nevada before we hit the casinos and Gyles reveals he has a booking at a church in Las Vegas ready and waiting for him. We’ll continue on to Queen Calafia’s California to visit San Francisco where we’ll etymologically encounter the Pelicans of Alcatraz before our final destination where we meet the angels of Los Angeles and we discover how the Lumière brothers gave light to Hollywood. 

Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Logodaedaly - ingenious use of words 

Scrofulous - morally corrupt 

Sipid - of pleasing taste, flavour or character

Gyles' poem this week was 'An Attempt At Unrhymed Verse' by 'Wendy Cope'

People tell you all the time,

Poems do not have to rhyme.

It's often better if they don't

And I'm determined this one won't.

Oh dear.

Never mind, I'll start again.

Busy, busy with my pen...cil.

I can do it if I try--

Easy, peasy, pudding and gherkins.

Writing verse is so much fun,

Cheering as the summer weather,

Makes you feel alert and bright,

'Specially when you get it more or

less the way you want it.

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