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Episode notes

It’s the final stop on our North American road trip and we have reached the city of technology, coffee and Frasier; it’s Seattle!

Susie and Gyles will take us on our final etymological tour in this series where we will literally skid down ‘Skid Row’, discover how Moby Dick is connected to one of the biggest coffee chains in the world and what dead bodies had to do with a very well known tech company… 

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Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Quincunx: An arrangement of five things in a square, with one in the centre, like a five on a dice.

Member for Berkshire: Someone with a loud nagging cough. 

A labour: The collective noun for moles. 

Gyles' poem this week was 'The Sea was Angry Today' by 'Jane McCullouch'

The sea was angry today.

I did not argue.

But watched it make its way, with familiar roar

crashing and swirling 

into the cream-foamed eddies,

besides the rocks, filling the pools,

and spilling out onto the battered shore.

And as I glanced across the sand

I thought of calmer days,

A man, two dogs, a stick in hand,

And a shimmering, glistening haze. 

This week's episode is dedicated to the Purple family of Ash Touw and her very curious childen Yavanna, Ida and Ethan.

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