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111: Louisa Compton - BBC Three Counties, 5 Live, Newsbeat, Channel 4

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Episode notes

The rookie press journalist who rose to head Channel 4 News and Current Affairs -via a love of radio.

In this hour of ‘Radio Moments – Conversations’, Louisa Compton tells of her life – with an early interest in breaking news leading her into a local press title before dropping into her local station, BBC Three Counties Radio. Colleagues in London quickly spotted her abilities and she edged into a career in Network, rising up the ranks at 5 Live, before moving to head Newsbeat at Radio 1.

With the view that radio’s story-telling gifts could be the province for a certain approach to TV, she helped to create the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2 – and Louisa tells of the impact of the stories the programme uncovered. She opens up too about her disappointment about its termination.

Moving to Channel 4, with the challenge of a transfer to commercial television, she tells of her appointment to edit Despatches before rising to the role of Head of news, current affairs and sport - in the midst of the Corona virus epidemic.

Louisa recalls the advice she was given at the beginning of her journey; tells of her passion for telling untold stories and representing the under-represented; and offers her perspective on diversity in media.

In her own words, this is the Louisa Compton story.

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