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114: Howard Hughes - City, Wyvern, Capital, LBC, BBC local

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Episode notes

The shy schoolboy whose commanding voice went on to dominate London’s news bulletins for a generation.

In this hour of ‘Radio Moments – Conversations’, Howard Hughes tells of his life – from his childhood love of TV continuity to success in a local radio contest landing him his first fifteen minutes of fame – and ultimately the start of a career - on Radio City. 

He opens up about his various spells at BBC local radio – and shares stories so typical of the age from a new Radio Wyvern in Worcester. Having graduated to IRN, he tells of the move to Capital where he assumed – tentatively at first – the key role as the voice of news on Chris Tarrant’s incomparable breakfast show.

Tempted to his dream job at LBC, he tells of his disappointment as things failed to work out as he’d hoped – and how the experience changed him. Howard reflects too on his more recent endeavours at Smooth, TV VOs – and the pride he has in his podcast - and how his booming trademark voice evolved.

In his own words – this is the Howard Hughes story

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