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12: Tom Ross - West Midlands football broadcaster

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Episode notes

He was one of a small breed of football commentators who came to define the commercial radio approach to football coverage in the UK. Partisan, passionate – and hard-working. His commitment to the industry – and to the City of Birmingham – has now lasted thirty five years. 

Here, he speaks of his early days at a young BBC Birmingham through to learning his trade at BRMB - and arguing the toss with his incoming boss, Richard Park. He relates stories of the great times, tells of his personal struggles and shares the raw conviction of his radio philosophy.

This is more than just a tale of a sports broadcaster, it is the inspiring story of local boy done good. “People like us don’t have cars”.

In his own words, this is the Tom Ross story.

Tom's book is now out - and a compelling read.

(This edition of Conversations draws largely on material originally produced by David 'Salty' Salt.)