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82: Stuart Linnell - Mercia, Hallam and BBC local presenter and executive

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Episode notes

From hospital radio to a leading role in a fast-changing commercial sector and then back on-air with the BBC, Stuart Linnell’s fifty years of radio make a fascinating story of sport, music presentation and management in a colourful radio age. 

In this hour of ‘RadioMoments Conversations’, Stuart tells of his early days at BBC Radio Birmingham, before moving to commercial radio to help launch Radio Hallam. A transfer to the new Mercia Sound followed, where he rose to PD and then an ever- growing Managing Director role. He tells of the characters in commercial radio’s early days and the successes and frustrations of the earliest steps in industry consolidation.  Back on-air at the BBC, Stuart reflects on Auntie’s changes over the decades and on his final lengthy spell at BBC Radio Northampton. 

In his own words, this is the story of Stuart Linnell MBE. 

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