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105: Lisa Kerr - Executive, Radiocentre, Local Radio Company; and Classic FM

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Episode notes

From music student - to delivering an environment for commercial radio fit for a digital age – and a fascinating life beyond.

In this hour of ‘Radio Moments Conversations’, Lisa Kerr tells of her life - moving from promising music student to eager helper at Radio Forth before graduating to Classic FM.

She opens up about the successes and challenges of her first management role at Channel Travel Radio as it grew into the small-scale radio group Radio Services Ltd.

Transferring to commercial radio’s trade body, later known as Radiocentre, she was promoted to a senior strategic role, committed to the thinking and the lobbying necessary to help deliver an environment in which UK commercial radio companies could continue to thrive in a fast-changing digital media world.

Lisa tells of leaving radio – and reflects honestly on an industry which, for so long, was uninviting to women in senior roles. She talks of embracing change - and shares her enthusiasm for her more recent endeavours - including her current role as principal of Gordonstoun School.

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