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94: Mike Read - Radio 210, Luxembourg, Capital Gold, Classic FM and Jazz

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Episode notes

Plucked with no experience to appear on a new Radio 210 in Reading, he was to become the fourth ever Radio 1 breakfast host.

In this hour of Radio Moments – Conversations, Mike Read tells of the surprise jump from a musical career to one where radio played lead. He relates how his commercial radio spell began and shares memories of the eccentric early days in that new industry.

Following an unexpected rise in profile with a TV’s ‘Pop Quest’, he recalls how he was then lured to join Radio Luxembourg. On being headhunted for Radio 1, Mike shares his he felt as he was offered the prestigious breakfast slot.

Driven by a passion and knowledge of music, he tells how his BBC bosses responded as his music policy drifted away from ‘70s disco; his frustration at commercial radio bosses who didn’t seem sufficiently familiar with music; and his enthusiasm for a world where the presenter decides which tracks to play.

The stories of his days at Capital Gold and Classic Gold are recalled – and illustrated colourfully. He tells too of his time at Jazz and his current involvement with the United DJs online station.  His other achievements are highlighted too - from co-authoring the Guinness Book of Hit Singles to playing a key role in the British Plaque Trust  which has honoured the music composers he holds in such high esteem.

In his own words – this is the Mike Read story.

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