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13: Tim Blackmore - BBC and commercial radio producer

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Episode notes

An hour of insight into the life of a man who’s been involved in creating radio for around half the medium’s popular life. 

Tim Blackmore joined the BBC as an eager tech-op in 1962, when he recalls recording on shellac disc rather than tape machine.

In the producer role, he helped to launch Tony Blackburn’s breakfast show, as the BBC reluctantly carved out Radio 1 and 2, going on to produce a generation of big names at Radio 1. He reflects on the crazy 60s days – and opens up about his later challenges in programme production and management. He offers his personal impressions of Everett; and tells of his fondness for the presenter he managed for decades – Alan Freeman.

Tim tells of life as one of Capital Radio’s earliest Heads of Programmes; and as a successful independent producer.

He’s a man who loves the music on which radio depends. He helped the radio and music industry forge a closer relationship; created the seminal series ‘The Story of Pop’; and launched the Radio Academy as its first Director.

In his own words, this is the Tim Blackmore story.