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7: Dennis McCarthy - BBC local radio broadcaster

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Episode notes

He was the dog breeder who became Nottingham’s most famous radio presenter. Speak to anyone over 50 in the City and they’ll remember Dennis. When he died in 1996, the streets of Nottingham were lined for the procession to his funeral. Dennis McCarthy hosted ‘the Sunday Show’ and ‘Afternoon Special’ for a large proportion of his 28 years with Radio Nottingham – programmes still recalled fondly to this day, in surprising detail, by his audience. In this long-overdue tribute, 20 years on, colleagues and his family recall what made Dennis so special. What was it about his personality - and his approach - which resulted in this most memorable of broadcasters? 

This is not just the story of one broadcaster. It is the story of a time and place in BBC local radio, and the prime example of the sort of characters who dominated their markets in BBC local radio’s early days. It is also the story of the power of radio – the listener relationship - and of pure natural broadcasting skill, with the finest tricks used instinctively. 

This is the Dennis McCarthy story. With thanks to Owen McCarthy for the use of archive audio. 

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