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Where Are They Now: Fred Jones On Parental Leave & Changing Mobility For Good

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“When you’re 60 and you look back on your career, you’re never going to look back and think - I wish I worked for the two months more, I didn’t spend with my daughter.” 

In this week’s 40 Minute Mentor, ‘Where Are They Now’ feature, we welcome back one of our very first guests on the podcast and JBM Board Advisor, the incredible Fred Jones, VP and Regional Manager of Northern Europe at TIER Mobility. 

TIER is Europe’s leading shared micro-mobility provider. Their international team of serial entrepreneurs and highly skilled operators from around the world are all united by one shared mission - to change mobility for good. 

Founded in 2018, TIER operates in 200+ cities across 21 countries in Europe and the Middle East, with a focus on providing the safest, most equitable and most sustainable mobility solution. 

Fred shares so many insights into the mobility sector with us in today’s episode, including: 

  • Why Fred decided to move from Uber to TIER Mobility [02:43] 
  • What the day to day as TIER’s VP and Regional Manager for Northern Europe looks like [06:29]
  • The most challenging part of his scaleup journey so far [08:31]
  • Why TIER is such an amazing place to work at and why now is a really exciting time to join [10:21]
  • What the future of mobility looks like [14:09]
  • Why Fred decided to take 2 months of parental leave and why he urges everyone to do the same [16:26]
  • And what the rest of 2022 holds for him and TIER [21:45]


⛳️  Helpful links: 

➡️ The full 40 Minute Mentor episode with Fred Jones: https://jbmc.co.uk/insights/40-minute-mentor/leadership-lessons-from-building-uber-in-the-uk-with-fred-jones/

➡️ More about Fred: https://www.linkedin.com/in/f-jones/

➡️ More about TIER Mobility: https://www.tier.app/en/


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