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Anti-Waffle Podcast with Dr Matthew Winning

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Dr Matthew Winning Research Associate UCL Energy Institute, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. Dr Winning is an environmental economist and his research is looking at how you can apply economics to make the planet better! Listen to Dr Winning discuss his research. What impact changes will have on the planet and people. He is also a stand up comedian and he has an upcoming tour starting in London, 21-23 Feb 2020.

Matthew's main research focus is on the macroeconomic impacts of environmental policies. His research interests include climate change policy, circular economy, green growth, low carbon transitions, and macroeconomic modelling. He has published on the economics of the Paris Agreement, improved global economic modelling of the role of scrap steel in the circular economy, the role of negative emissions technologies in achieving deep decarbonisation towards 1.5oC, and the links between energy system and macroeconomic models.