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Habits, When to Say No, and Super Moms EP 151

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Episode notes

Catherine interrupts this summer mini series to have an amazing talk with Sasha about working moms and how they do it all. Sasha busts the myths of super mom and talks about balance. The conversation naturally unfolded around boundaries and since that’s the theme of this month, Catherine couldn’t wait to publish this episode.

They had a great conversation on how to stay organized and smoothly transition from work to home and home to work, even if it's all within the same space. Sasha believes in creating a home environment that honors both adult space and kid space.

Sasha details her four step system for moms as they restart after they’ve put their life on pause. 

Sasha’s Bio

Sasha Morozov is a former executive who holds a Master’s in Social Work and is the founder of sasha x home.

When Sasha isn’t chasing after her two sons, she now utilizes her clinical skills to coach women who are killing it at work but feel like they are failing at home to have more time, less clutter, and habits for a peaceful life. Sasha believes that working moms are exceptional humans who are skilled, devoted, and unstoppable. 

Sasha has spent almost 15 years working in the non-profit field to help individuals and families create better futures. Sasha is an avid minimalist, productivity master, and obsessed with organizing and designing people’s lives. 

Sasha has now developed a 4-Step Method that focuses on Self, Home, Relationships, and Habits to help moms hit start on the life they’ve put on pause. 

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