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ADHD Burnout, Boundaries, and Burn the Boats EP 162

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This week's guest, Dave Greenwood, is the author of Overcoming Burnout. He starts with the story of his first burnout after managing a restaurant and describes what it means to “burn your boats”.

Burnout is very individual. It comes not only from work but can happen from caretaking responsibilities. And when you’re burned out you can’t get out of your own way. So Dave gives several ideas to start to dig out. They also discuss the importance of boundaries to help prevent burnout or a second one! Catherine mentions Getaway cabins which you can find in the link below. And how ADHD can contribute to burnout.

Tune in to hear about Dave’s theme days and how they can help you prevent burnout.

About David Greenwood

David Greenwood is the author of Overcoming Burnout-Real Life Strategies for Burnout Recovery and Prevention. David’s previous book Overcoming Distractions profiled many entrepreneurs with adult ADHD.

David is also an entrepreneur and still runs his content creation business just outside of Boston. However he is focusing a lot of time on helping people who have experienced burnout, recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again.

Before officially becoming an entrepreneur in 2005, David served as an executive at one of the most well-known nonprofit organizations in the world. And before that, he spent 16 years in the restaurant business which resulted in his first encounter with burnout.




Getaway House (Cabins): https://getaway.house/

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