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ADHD vs Overwhelm, Equanimity, and the Six Cs EP 165

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Too often people say “We all have a little ADHD." But it’s actually that we all have a little overwhelm. Today’s guest, Cameron Gott, clarifies how you can tell the difference between overwhelm and ADHD. He then explains the different types of ADHD.

Cam takes a deep dive into Positive Intelligence and ADHD including his recent Equanimity group. He mentions Susan David’s book on emotional agility. And he mentions the 3 barriers of ADHD.

Tune in to hear Cameron as he shares his thoughts about energy management, task inertia, and the six C’s of completion.

Cameron’s Bio

An Executive ADHD coach since 2000, Cameron Gott, PCC works with creative leaders and business owners worldwide to help them take action more efficiently and lead more effectively.

He co-hosts the Translating ADHD podcast and trains and mentors ADHD coaches through Coach Approach Training.

He teaches group coaching classes through Translating ADHD and Melissa Orlov’s ADHD Marriage program.

He speaks and teaches on a variety of topics including ADHD and coaching.

He is now curious about the nexus of ADHD, Positive Intelligence and the role of emotion in leadership and motivation through his Equanimity group coaching effort.

Cam lives outside of Charlottesville, VA in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife and two children.



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