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The ADHD ‘Midwife’, Being an ADHD Mom, and Street Smarts EP 129

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Episode notes

Our guest in this first of the March MADHDness series, Katy Weber, is the founder of Women & ADHD. She shares her pandemic diagnosis story and how she couldn’t believe that a “lazy” gifted person could be ADHD. She gives examples of ways internalized ADHD hyperactivity shows up in adults.

Katy is the quintessential connector helping women to share their ADHD experiences, finding them resources, and offering a space to support one another.

Tune in to hear how societal norms affect the masking that so often occurs in women with ADHD. And how our ADHD can affect how we show up as parents.

About Katy

Katy Weber is an ADHD coach, author, speaker, and founder of Women & ADHD, LLC. 

She is an outspoken advocate for neurodiverse women, and the host of the weekly Women & ADHD podcast, currently ranked among the top 1% of all podcasts globally.


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